I purchased Dodger tickets through their website on a Tuesday for a game on Sunday. The tickets were etickets so all they had to do was send me a link. I emailed them oin Wed. They gave me a bogus response that my tickets won't be available 24-48 hours prior to the event. I emailed them on Friday becaus their not open on the weekends???? So Saturday comes along... No email with my tickets... Sunday day of the game... NO EMAIL LINK. I left a voice mail asking for their returns department to call me Monday morning for a full refund.

Monday morning I get a call from a Uberseat rep. I asked him what happened he said "uhhh". I asked to speak to his boss his responds " it's just me." WHAT!?!? Some guy sitting in his room has my credit card info charged me for tickets I never got??? How is this business still around??????????

So I said I need to talk to your customer relations department , he said " it's just me."

HOLY ***. By then I was very frustrated because I couldn't reach through the phone and choke this kid, I said " I'm telling all my friends never to use your service, I'm going on websites to give you a bad review, I'm contacting the better business bureau." Silence.... He says "is that all sir?" I just hung up.

Moral of the story, stick to reputable sites like Ticketmaster & Stubhub. **never use or recommend Uberseat **

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Roseville, California, United States #917333

Absolute scam. Bought tickets through the Seat Geek app using Uberseat and just outright never received them. Had to buy legitimate tickets at the game.


I purchased four tickets to “Disney on Ice: Frozen” through Uberseat.com on October 10, 2014. The money, $196, was taken out of my account on October 14, 2014.

The tickets were for a show at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore on November 2, 2014.

On November 1, 2014, when I tried to locate the tickets, I realized that I never received them. I received a confirmation e-mail on October 10, 2014 which stated only my seats and the amount of money I paid along with the order number, n9ajrwkdli. This e-mail had no SKU and no way to print the e-tickets.

When I tried to reach Uberseat, I got a voicemail that stated they were open from 12-5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. The show was at 11 AM on Sunday. I assumed that since I hadn’t received the e-tickets, the venue would be able to honor the e-mail I had on my phone. When I arrived at the Royal Farms arena on Sunday, they could not honor the e-mail.

Since Uberseat’s customer service does not open until 12 PM on Sundays, I purchased four additional tickets so as to not devastate my daughter and goddaughter that were with me, expecting to see Frozen. Uberseat boasts a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I assumed that when the show was over and customer service opened, they’d grant me a full refund since I was unable to use the tickets that I never received in my e-mail. The tickets I purchased at the arena were $172 and in section 308.

For a comparison, the tickets I purchased through Uberseat were in section 221. That is quite a difference.

After the show, I contacted Uberseat and spoke with Megan. She was very rude and completely unwilling to help me in any way.

She said that since the tickets had been sent, there was nothing she could do, whether or not I received them didn’t matter. She actually hung up on me.

I also e-mailed Uberseat’s customer service. I got the same answer that since they had sent the e-tickets, I had no reason to be refunded.

The fact that I never downloaded them or that I had to buy an additional four tickets upon arriving at the arena makes no difference to them. Why would I NOT download tickets I paid $196 for? Why would I go to the arena and purchase an ADDITIONAL FOUR tickets when I had already purchased four tickets in a better location?

Since Uberseat refuses to help me, I’ve filed a dispute with my bank.

Today I’ve been researching Uberseat and it seems that MANY people have had this same issue with this company.

Uberseat should really be put out of business because this is nothing short of a scam. Aside from that, it is the WORST customer service experience I’ve ever had.

Albany, New York, United States #838119

I've never had a problem with uberseat. We always get our rays tickets though them and cheaper than anywhere else.


Just saw this and probably isn't relevant a year later...I bought Jack Johnson, multiple Mets tickets, and Governors Ball after show tickets (both physical and e-tickets) and never had one issue. But I also found the tickets using Seatgeek so that could make a difference?

Detroit, Michigan, United States #815959

I saw this after I purchased tickets (I know, *** of me) but I haven't had trouble with Uberseat so far. I have placed three different orders with them and all of them were confirmed.

I received two out of the three orders so far but that's only because the third order I placed is for the Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving. I think they're more reputable than most ticket brokers and I plan on using them again.


uberseat sucks. I bought tickets for one event and they gave me tickets to a different event.

when I called them about it they said no refunds or exchanges.

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS. I should have known better

Seattle, Washington, United States #787029

Same problems here too. First they sold me tickets they didn't have, so naturally they never showed up, and then the event was sold out by the time I realized this was an issue.

This happened to me again when I took another chance on them - I order two groups of seats, both through uberseat, and they called me to say they canceled and refunded one of the orders, because they didn't actually have the tickets.

Turns out that I had purchased both of the dual listings they put out there for the same seats.

But naturally they would not refund the other order I had - that sale was final.

These guys are an absolute joke and probably doing something illegal. Stay away.


Same problem here -- never confirmed tickets, no explanation, customer service said, 'well, tickets are probably no longer available' -- no kidding. Could have purchased tickets elsewhere then, now they are sold out. Would never use them again.


I lost $100 to this scam site.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #713412

First they sold me tickets they didn't even have in stock (sign #1 something was wrong). MONTHS later I received tickets, but when I headed to the show, found out there wasn't even a concert that night.

Lost out on a huge waste of money and still haven't heard back from UberSeat about it. Don't use them.

As the other review said, still to the reputable sites. Argh.

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